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RailMap 2001 (for WindowsCE)
price: US$15.60


Railway map for greater Tokyo and Osaka regions. In Japanese. Runs on English devices too. Works with Windows CE 2.0 and above. Handheld PC/Handheld PC Pro/Handheld PC 2000/Palmsized PC/PocketPC

Requirements: Windows CE 2.0 and up

Compatible Devices/Operating System: HPC 1.0 MIPS, HPC 1.0 SH3, HPC 2.0 MIPS, HPC 2.0 SH3, HPC Pro 2.11 ARM, HPC Pro 2.11 Mips, HPC Pro 2.11 SH3, HPC Pro 2.11 SH4, PPC 2.01 Mips, PPC 2.01 SH3, PPC 2.11 Mips, PPC 2.11 SH3

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