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UniFEP on the EPOC emulator

This SDK contains the files necessary to install UniFEP V3 on Symbian's ER5 emulator.

You will need a copy of the standard ER5 C++ or OPL SDK, both of which can be obtained for free from the Symbian Developer Network at

Because UniFEP patches ER5 system components, you must install the UniFEP files on top of a Symbian ER5 SDK installation. Simply unzip the file in the root of the drive containing the EPOC SDK. You need to use a zip program capable of extracting directories and long path names.

After installing the files, open a DOS shell and go to the directory \epoc32\release\wins\deb\z\system\fonts. Run the command jkfonts to use Japanese/Korean fonts, or chfonts to use Chinese fonts.

Now start the emulator as \epoc32\release\wins\deb\epoc.exe. The UniFEP front end processor should start up automatically. If you open the control panel, it should show the UniFEP item. You can display Unicode in all applications. The front end processor's menu is available with Ctrl+F1.

All codecs currently available for UniFEP are installed as part of the emulator, so if you try "Import file" from the UniFEP menu (Ctrl+Alt+I), you should be able to select from a large number of different encodings for Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

Only the debug version of the emulator has been modified. If you run \epoc32\release\wins\rel\epoc.exe, you'll run the original ER5 emulator.

The UniFEP emulator is not suitable to patch the Revo emulator. If you have a need to do this, contact us.

Unlike soft-loaded UniFEP V2 on ER5 devices, Unicode cannot be deactivated on the emulator (which is a UniFEP V3 device).

The emulator is not a complete replica of a UniFEP-enabled ER5 device: A device with UniFEP will include code conversion for Email, and vCard import/export, and will have modified line wrapping. These modifications are not currently included in the emulator build. A device will also most likely be localized to some extent, not only in the UI but also in TLocale settings such as weekday names, currency symbol, etc.

Otfried Cheong and Enfour, Inc. Version 2.59, December 31, 2000.

Converting text between encodings Top Restrictions UniFEP on the EPOC emulator